Turmeric Helps Prevent Alzheimer's Disease, Cancer and a Variety of Diseases, Studies Find

You've come to the right place if you want to learn more about the health benefits of curcumin, the key component of turmeric, an ancient spice most notably used in Indian cuisine. Below you'll find exciting information about ongoing studies proving turmeric's benefits, in addition to the latest news and tastiest recipes employing the spice.

Research at UCLA has revealed that turmeric --a spice common in Indian cuisine-- is an effective antioxidant that can help prevent the devastating plaques that cause Alzheimer's Disease. [1]

Doctors have determined that a daily regimin of 200 mg of curcumin, a potent phytochemical and the key component of turmeric, can help stave off the disease and ensure continued mental acuity.

A study published in December, 2004 indicated that curcumin is effective at both low and high doses to fight oxidation and inflammation, easing symptoms caused by Alzheimer's Disease. Curcumin is also a natural preservative and food dye. For years, it has been used to treat several forms of cancer. [2]

Studies looking at its antioxidant properties were initiated after researchers had found a markedly lower incidence of Alzheimer's Disease in people from India. The incidence of Alzheimer's Disease in the United States is nearly 4-1/2 times that of India.

While the human brain itself has limited defenses against the ravages of oxidation, it does have one weapon: heme oxygenase-1, or HO-1. HO-1 helps the brain rid itself of damaging toxins, and the 2004 study shows compelling evidence that curcumin induces Heme oxygenase-1. [3]

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